How to Successfully Trade with Confidence and Plow Through the Fear and Instability of the Current Markets and Make Wise Investment Decisions

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Want to learn how to plow through the fear and instability of the current markets and make smart and wise investment decisions?

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This FREE course tells you how it you can make better and more profitable trades and how to reduce the risks of losses in your investments.

Michael Thomsett

Michael Thomsett

About Michael Thomsett

Michael C. Thomsett is a fulltime professional author, educator and speaker.

He has written over 70 books on topics of options, trading, investing, real estate and business management. He also teaches five investing and trading courses at the New York Institute of Finance, and operates his own educational trading site,

As a frequent guest speaker, Thomsett addresses a variety of audiences on many trading topics. In January and Feberuary, 2013, he is a guest lecturer in a six-week course on trading topics at Vanderbilt University in Nashville. Among his best-selling books are six that have sold over one million copies in total. These are Getting Started in Options, The Mathematics of Investing, and Getting Started in Real Estate Investing (John Wiley & Sons), Builders Guide to Accounting (Craftsman), How to Buy a House, Condo or Co-Op (Consumer Reports Books), and Little Black Book of Business Meetings (Amacom).

Thomsett lives near Nashville, Tennessee and writes for several publishers, notably John Wiley & Sons, Amacom Books, Financial Times/Prentice Hall, and McFarland & Company. He also is an active blogger and contributor of educational articles on L:inkedIn, Twitter, Seeking Alpha and the Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE).

Michael contributes his investment trading insights on popular media channels such as:

FT Press CBOE Benzinga Seeking Alpha

About Ethan HathawayEthan Hathaway

Ethan Hathaway organises interactive, practical, applicable and valuable professional public, in-house and online business and financial training courses for business executives and banking & finance professionals all over the world.

Our events cover a wide range of financial topics from Asset & Liability Management, Accounting & Auditing, Credit, Corporate Finance, Risk Management, Derivatives, Capital Markets, Securitisation, Project Finance, Trade Finance, Treasury Management, Leadership Management, Sales, Project Management, Oil & Gas, Energy topics and more.

Here Is Just a Sample of Companies and Finance Professionals Who Have Taken Ethan Hathaway Courses:

HSBC DHL Chevron Saudi Aramco RBS


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